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Video Transcript - Part 6

Platforms and feeds as well do you ever
Put out a tweet that says you now
You know I don’t as prominent a bad idea
To do occasionally but 1 I’m always
Trying to do
Outta my embassies Facebook Twitter
Sarah isn’t trying to get people to come
Back to my blog so I’m trying to tease
Them about content
It only appears on my blog and then when
They come back to my blog
You’re hoping the blog kind of hurts
Them got it
That alright said today we’ve been
Talking about our first I’ll just the
Absolute critical importance for you
That if you have a limited amount of
Time to build a platform that your
E-mail less deserves your first
Yes and the seven studies on a bill that
The MLS which
Honestly right now this is kind of a
Huge hot topic and we were ever they
Spend a lot of time talking about this
These are the seven charges that you can
In order to build your lesson to really
Does work the first generate content
Worth reading
Sector is a dedicated listen scription
System third make your sign-up form
Upper right hand corner and then you
Give us some other places we can put it
Offer an incentive for subscribing
Design a branded email template
Number six follow up with your
Subscribers and number seven remind your
Readers to sign a pretty simple stuff
Habitat for consistent with this is
Really does work ill really move the
Needle in your business
Not something rafter if you enjoy
Today’s episode or if you’d like to
Get some %uh this information may be
Miss some other seven strategies you can
Find the outline and the show notes for
This entire
Episode at Michael Hyatt dot com in
Addition to that
You can also watch the entire video by
Sitting here to write about this which
You have fun is that I maybe not maybe
Some people don’t know I just
Be then again find all that information
At Michael Hyatt to come I could have
Any final thoughts today
Yeah I just think a get focused on this
Don’t be sidetracked by what we called
Earlier the vanity metrics
All the stuff that everybody else looks
To whose not succeeding
And they’re continually reminded of why
They’re not succeeding you’d have to
Have huge traffic to succeed
What you do need to have is a very
Focused targeted
Email address for people who wanna email
Addresses the people who want to hear
From you on a regular basis
Wonderful thanks again for being with us
Say everyone in till next time remember
Your life is a gift do what matters
On the next episode this is your life
Michael and I talk about
What you need to do to create team unity
That drives the results
If you have people scared to speak in a
Group setting
Or they feel like they’re walking on
Really can’t really say what they’re
Thinking because the leader reacts
Then you’re not going to get the best
Thinking a beauty might as well just be
A dictator indicators a very efficient
Taylor is not very effective because
It’s basically a team of one you know to
One person is making all the decisions
Tapping into their own wisdom and no one
But once you make the environment safer
The scent
And people can push back basie things
That you’re gonna miss
That’s next time and this is your life

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