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Video Transcript - Part 3

But using a service like that I went
Are 2800 is rounded up 2800 email
To over a hundred thousand in three
Years but it it took that kinda focus
That singular
Almost myopic focus on doing getting
That one thing right
So in the overall again free that are
Listening our goal here today is to talk
About where you can
And Max measure your limited time to
Build a platform and really what you’re
Saying michael is that where when you
Spend most my time is building that
Email list right
And that email listen be so critical for
You in and Twitter’s important and other
Social media
A investments are important that other
Good things but if you don’t have that
Email list
Then you’re just always always crappy in
Trying to grab in reach for more and
More followers are things that
Email list is gold 30 areas and and we
Were talking about this morning
I’m I was talking about my frustration
With Facebook
Yes you know I put a post out there and
I was frustrated because
Facebook was deciding who was gonna see
That post min
Really frustrated cuz I’ve got these
People who have opted in
To follow me on Facebook and yet
Facebook was deciding
Almost like a nanny who was going to get
To see my feet in who was it and you
Know everybody in social media world’s
Complain about this understanding my
Complaint to it very
Frustrated I don’t need Facebook to do
That for me and I don’t want to do for
The people either
But when I get an email list I don’t
Have anybody gay teen it
Or throttling it for putting a governor
On it I can get to
Everybody with the direct communication
That’s why he knows so important
And this is why I advocate really mobile
Platform why you need a home base
Which is your blog we’re going to
Capture these email addresses
All this other stuff out there Twitter
And Facebook at all that think about is
An embassy you can have a presence there
Arm but yours when refer people back to
Your blog which is where you can capture
The email addresses and as long as we
Are in this kinda
Always changing in always morphine
Social media world
And we’re always gonna be at the mercy
Of these other applications because it’s
Its its its property were renting in a
Sense right it’s they own it
So we’re always at the mercy of the
Landlord when it comes to our email SR
Blood that’s our home I mean that you
Own that that’s arson so that’s where we
Have the control so we can spend a lot
Of time
Been frustrated about these places where
We’re renting and how they don’t play by
The rules we went in the play by
Or we can just focus on what we on which
Is what you’re suggesting today and that
We need to spend more time focusing on
Are MLS the necessary his writings were
Doing and and also did you say to the
Content on our Site to on our
On our blog because sometimes people
Think that while I’m gonna do the
Equivalent a blog post on Facebook I got
A friend is really big on LinkedIn
LinkedIn just recently asked me if I
Would contribute on a regular basis
But here’s a question I i ask myself you
Know following up on your
Real estate metaphor which you build a
On rented property and rented lot mmm
Now so why would you do it in cyberspace
True but we deal really tried to with my
Divorce too and it just is not a good
Alright just make sure all tracking here
The goal today is to give you strategies
To build your email list does that
Really is the best use of your time if
You’re building a platform and you have
A limited amount of time
And so we want to build an email list
The first strategy to do that is to make
Sure that you generate great content
That’s worth reading that absolute
That’s always hands-down going to be the
If you’re skipping ahead and do any
Other strategies before you have content
It’s like selling a product that you
Never really developed at a minute just
It’s not gonna happen to develop great
Content that’s so important
The second piece and that is to use a
Dedicated list subscription said
A system which he talked about male
Champion and a way Weber and there’s
Hundreds announcers so many some that
Are free options surrender more paid
Options I mean there’s some a different
Possibilities and and for the people
That wanna know what I use I do use
And one of the reasons I like it’s got a
Very easy to use I user interface
And it’s free for the first two thousand
Subscribers seem kinda get a little bit

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