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Video Transcript - Part 5

But important I I might I might actually
Be less skok
I was so far generate great content to
Use a dedicated listener description
System the third strategies make your
Sign-up form highly-visible
And the fourth strategy here for
Building your email
Less is to offer an incentive for
Subscribing now I think it’s important
That this is not first on the list
Sometimes people Pratt and stress about
This yet one strategy but it doesn’t
Have to be first but it is on the list
Cuz importance to talk about this for a
Well you want to that basically this is
My approach to life is
Launch tweak improve guess
Okay so it’s come I couldn’t the podcast
You know we I’ll we’re learning were
Growing we’re constantly improving same
Thing with the email said it
Don’t wait do not wait to have an email
To launch an email sign-up form get the
Form up you do the email incentive later
Now you don’t want to do that because
It’s going to be more compelling
And its gonna up your conversion rate so
The number people that hit your page
If you have an email incentive of some
Sort it’s going to convert much higher
Than if you don’t have
An email incentive so the thing you got
To ask yourself
Is what are the frustrations
What are the challenges what are the
Things that my audience
Is struggling with what are the pain
Points so that’s kinda
One side of the coin the other side of
The coin is what other aspirations for
Their dreams where the daydream about
Where they hope to achieve and I want to
Create some kind if email incentive
That addresses one of those felt needs
So it might be now you know I started
Begin this was three years ago I created
I any book is called how to create a
Personal recalled create
Your own personal life plan and so for
Three years it did great for me about
Two and a half years I
Recently changed it but it was a lotta
Work use in ninety page ebook you know
Took me awhile to write it but here’s a
Bigger 90 pages
Yeah now what else form to be honest I
Was growing up forty five pages but I
Think was like twelve thousand dollars
Till I mean we’re not talking about
A single pager I double pay time it was
A pretty huge and attend an issue for me
Was I wanted at a lot of value but
Here’s the problem
It didn’t give the reader a quick win
This is what you’re after K quick when
And if they have to read through the
It’s too much work generally speaking if
You got any book up don’t fret
Leave it up to get something else but
Now because I want a quick win
A much more prone to put something like
A cheat sheet
A directory allister tips when I got up
Right now is
On 99 resources my toolkit that I use in
My business
Nine businesses to make your personal
And professional life home as I think
The subtitle
But it’s just it’s it’s a quick wit but
It’s got to be a specific promise
You know I see people that have things
Like you know people right and
You know they’ll how some generic kinda
Title about leadership
You know we don’t need any more generic
Anything meet people don’t have genetic
They have specific problems and so you
Gotta have specific solutions to their
Make railey and that’s what I the phrase
That I try to use as
We have to meet a daily need something
That somebody woke up today and has a
Problem that you can fix and that’s what
You wanna dress
Now and into nebulous and big abroad
That’s right and you n you
Gotta spend a lot of time on headline by
I cannot
Overestimate the important to this okay
Because in a world that’s very busy in
Very noisy people are skinny
And you got like to nano seconds to grab
Somebody’s attention
And it would behoove all of us who were
In marketing
Which is everybody the plan hmm you know
Everybody selling even if its only point
Of view
You’ve got to be able to get out a crisp
Kinda headlined message
And get it out there quickly on that get
Away on their giveaway got it
And that’s why I would recommend get a
Couple resources I recommended in the
Personal copy blogger dot com which is a
Website that excellent is really worth
Subscribing to
They have a opt in called how to create
Magnetic headlines
So will have a link in the resources
For the shoulders to get this but
Another one is a this book says little
Bit cheesy but I recommend it all the
Time it’s a desk reference for me
And it’s called advertising headlines
That make you rich
By David Garfinkel powerful powerful
Headline templates and I use that for
Inspiration and I vamp of that
So when it comes to that give away
Practically speaking
Am you’re gonna have your email sign-up
Form button on the upper right corner
And then
As part of that once you have some kinda
Give away your include a graphic or
Something that goes along with it or
Lets people know it’s that promise EE
You sign up and I have this for you for
Free that’s right me to graphically
And just how the mechanics works is once
Again for their email address
Address your gonna deliver by
Autoresponder that
Email incentive alright is a PDF for
Something else
Got it there what’s the fifth strategy
Here for building your email list
The fifth one is to design a branded
Email template
Now there’s a lot of debate
In the info marketer world about whether
Email should be plain text
Or they should be branded and kinda the
Conventional wisdom
Touted by most to the big internet
Marketers is that it should be plain
Because that mimics real email it looks
Like we’ll email
But here’s the problem with it it
Doesn’t really fool anyone
You still know that a marketing message
Right so I set out to test this
Because I was absolutely convinced that
All these guys who were
My peers and in for marketing world were
Because I had a branded template that
Had my logo in it in that that’s really
Not more sophisticated than that had a
Virgin my header in it
I I decided to test those straight up so
We did a split test
Only a new subscribers nah subscribers
That had been conditioned by receiving
The brand a template
But people that were coming now
Subscribing for the first time
Hafer does this is over two week period
We set the plaintext
Version follow-up and then the other
Half we sent the branded version
Follow-up and much to my chagrin and
Andrew buckman
You’re listening you know you are is my
Web designer said I don’t think that’s
He said I think the branded because
People learn to trust that me know it
From your gonna
Its gonna pull better and he was right
Outperformed the plaintext one so before
You jump on the conventional wisdom
Um this is kinda how I approach all
Marketing is only a test to myself
But it didn’t work for me I think a
Bread a template builds trust over time
Yeah I’ve seen the same and I’m not
About changing a little bit now there is
At have a happy medium you don’t have to
A branded template that’s so rash that
Looks like your website na I kinda stuff
They can have like you said
Version have your hat er maybe just the
Logo and then
You’re taxed innately pretty clean
That’s right just maybe you’re out the
Colors in your brand
Palette you know but we have a brand
Palette love finite
Geller’s they the same funds maybe the
Baby photo whatever got it okay let me
Lie never sex the sex strategy for
Building email less than it would be to
Follow up with their subscribers now
When I when I read this and i know this
Is something that you feel very strongly
My question was is how much follow-up is
Too much follow up because our
Does tend to be summer that tension
Between people don’t you know you have
To find a balance between
Touching region and touching them enough
But not too much because people can get
Really upset
If you will follow up too often yeah I
Don’t recommend
Again for the for the normal email
Subscriber were there subscribing to
Your blog
There’s a sense in which future blog
Post for the follow up
Okay but here’s a couple follow things
That you you have to do
I think as a minimum again you can
Create these as auto responders in
MailChimp so that once you set them up
Again they’ve got tutorials are that’ll
Walk you through the process went to the
Autoresponder set up you never gonna
Think about it again
But the first and foremost when somebody
Submits the form
You want to right playa back to them and
Have them
Double opt in or confirm your email
Address this is critically important
Because when you move like if you do
Become successful in this in the mood to
Something like Infusionsoft
They are going to insist on double
Optin names or you risk having your
Mailings been probably don’t trust him
As much
Because I can go to your website I could
Find it you know does my friends
At your website in if you’re not
Confirming with them that they want to
Be subscribed
Then well how they gonna think about it
As spam
Hmm absolutely and so you can have the
Double opt-in process so it at a minimum
You can have that follow up email the
Thing once they do that
Then I wanna send an email that you sent
An email they basically tells them what
They can expect
Kinda my commitment to them and invites
Them to reply to me let me know
What’s over their needs are what they
You know what they’re struggling with
So use it as an opportunity to do a
Little a reconnaissance
You know we really can’t over-emphasize
S II think I was just telling you this
Yesterday that
I’m still having people sign me up for
Their email s
And I have adopted you know at first I
Haven’t gone to their site and find out
The second while they don’t have a
Double opt in so I’m not getting an
Email asking for my confirmation
This is like a blogger or speaker there
Signing you up there’s a reply me up to
Their site
Disarm it really so I end up getting
These newsletters and blog posts in
Emails right in my inbox I have not
Signed up for
And at you know just in case you don’t
Know this those are you are listening
That’s not OK
Nah nah nah nah although I may be very
Happy about what you’re doing a very
You could get into a lot of trouble by
Doing that
And not al people are as a just gracious
To just ignore it and there are some
People it can get very upset and it’s
It’s illegal in it and it creates a
Negative Brandon impression
It really does because you give you
Violated you like in your permission to
That and their
There’s a sense of desperation when you
Start signing other people up for your
Site that have outside any you
Communicate the sense of desperation
Where you whether you feel better not
And that’s not a good vibe in this
You wanted legitimate list that’s clean
That’s double opt-in
Order I know the temptation is to build
Your email fast spec do it the right way
And it’s a much more quality less cousin
You have loyal followers and
And people that are part of your family
And your community versus in a force in
The east
These sign ups the ante in to read the
Shit this a bigger philosophical thing
For people to readers
Sep golden’s book arm permission
Marketing hmm
You know is written more than a decade
Ago but it really
Set the bar for what we have to do in
Marketing today in terms of getting
People’s permission
I want this to the final at the seven
Strategies for building your email
Estelle is pretty simple but just remind
Your readers to sign up
Okay what do you mean explain that well
I could be like if you’re out doing a
Speaking engagement
You know that you invite people to sign
Up in may be given a special opt in like
A resource page
Where they could go to get your slides
Or to get a hand down two and they
Signed up but at the same time
It’s also taking advantage I love I’ll
Those things I can after text
Form or even sometimes in the blog post
Occasion algis mention
You know hey subscribe to this or
Encourage people to pass it along to
Their friends like if you enjoy this
E-mail newsletter
Forwarded to a friend now they’re gonna
Have to salute sign it themselves the
Reason we’re talking about earlier
But that’s a great thing about an email
To is that people know how to share that
For it to a friend for you forward to
Colleagues but encourage
Sharing and make it easy to share Andy
Remind people to sign up on your social

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