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Video Transcript - Part 1

This is your life season 1 episode 4
Welcome to this is your life with
Michael Hyatt where our goal is to give
You the clarity
Courage and commitment you need to do
What matters my name is Michelle cash at
I’m your co host today I’m sitting in
The studio
With the Michael Hyatt hi Michael
Michelle when it comes to platform
Building there’s
A lot to think about Twitter Facebook
Webinars Pinterest blogging podcasting
Is growing
All the time as you now and everyone has
Advice for what you absolutely must do
In order to be successful I mean
You disc you don’t have to go very far
At all on the internets are
I’m television or wherever to hear more
Advice about what we should be doing
It’s a whole industry now absolutely and
Alive contrary opinions about what needs
To happen yet at but
At today if you are overwhelmed with
Where to begin
And you have a platform that need
Attention and you have a very limited
Time to devote to it which
Honestly I don’t know anybody that
Doesn’t have a limited time 32 dunno
What about it we’re all very kind of
Pressed for time
Then this episode is free on our goal
Today is
To help you know precisely where you dey
To invest most
Your time in order to get the maximum
Benefit for your platform
Alright Michael when it comes to
Platform building at
As I mentioned there at least a hundred
Or more things I could do every single
That might could potentially help build
My but for but that’s not realistic I
Don’t have time to do 100 thanks
So you say that there’s one am there’s
One action or there’s one
Area that I can invest in that it
Deserves my attention more than anything
Else and what is it
What’s really creating absolutely great
Content least the best content you’re
Capable of
You know that trumps SEO tactics that
Social media followers that trumps all
These vanity metrics you know that we
Try to pay attention to

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