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Video Transcript - Part 4

I love
Our momentum and traction before you
Start paying for it unit then surely pay
For a tease there’s no ultimately free
But here’s the thing you gotta remember
Is that once you start generating cash
That affords you the opportunity to
Invest in the better tools and to take
It to the next level
You’re not get ahead yourself but start
With free realize that it’s not gonna be
Free for ever yeah
Again its businesses bet I use MailChimp
Is wealthier easy the years
At somebody like even me can you set
With his fabulous
Will insult sometimes people heard me
Talk about Infusionsoft I use that also
An A&I
Use actually both these tools but
They’re different I use Infusionsoft in
This is just for the few technical
People there listening to this
I use infusions offer automated email
Campaigns like and we’re doing a
Launcher promoting a product
But MailChimp for the delivery of my you
Know day in day out blog content Podcast
That’s good to know and considering the
Same thing with infusions of have made
That transition yet for the automated
Emails but it so at a great option and
Its complex so it is very complex in
And see you know those that choose to do
That you definitely need to do your
Research maybe get some people on board
That are
Experts in that area happy with it
Otherwise you end up leveraging are not
Left under leveraging that huge too well
And you got it you gotta think we really
Good at
You know and what I’m good at yet like
It all geeked out in
And figure out how to run the campaign
Manager in Infusionsoft
Probably but it’s not the best ice use
My time
The one thing that I do that nobody else
On my team can do or least
In the way that I do it is generate
You know and so it and I’m spent not
Doing that
Is time that is being wasted in kinda
Not a good investment true okay let’s
Move on to third strategy for building
Your email list okay so the third
Strategy is to make your sign-up form
Highly-visible now let me just say that
If you don’t have
Were gonna call here in a minute in the
Email opt in or not in magnet some but
Something that is compelling that gives
People an opportunity to give their it
Address to get something free door about
That getting opt-out form
Up even if it’s only for updates mmm
Because very kind a baton you’re gonna
Get some sample
Yes even there it may not be as many as
You want you can get more efficient
Later but get
A form up from day one hmm now let me
Know when I want to tell you about where
To put it
Yes because that is key it makes a big
Difference it makes a huge difference
Because it can’t be buried
And you want to be able to optimize the
Digital real state that you have in the
Space even given so
My number one favorite spot is the upper
Right-hand sidebar
That’s the most important space on a
Blog site
Are on a Web site that’s where people
Naturally look
At least in the west where we’ve been
Conditioned to read from left to right
And that’s where they Ryan’s up they
Moved from left to right in the end up
Right there on the right hand side
So you want to have a sign-up form there
But here’s a couple other options too
I’m your About page and everybody should
Have an About page because
As it turns out that’s the second most
Visited page on your blog
The has it people find content they like
The one in a little bit more about you
So they click on the About page
And I’ve seen this on organza platforms
But consistently second-most
Visited page so have a sign a form their
You knows people are reading about you
They’ve obviously taking the next step
They like your content enough to find
Out more about used so invite them
To subscribe to your blog the place you
Can do it
Is %uh what I would call it after post
Subscription form
If somebody is made you can see all this
Is Michael had a calm but if you
I have read the post and somebody stayed
With you to the very
And that person as the right candidate
To be a sim subscriber not interested so
Invite them at the very and
To to to join the list another place and
There’s a lot over the place is one out
Bro click on that killed is it’s not a
Loser way to automate that we’re just
Shows up at the end of every post in
India get noticed them have that option
Re include that it does not
Are so we’ve got some custom code but
Probably in the next few months will be
Adding that now is that a lot a request
For it night that’s great cuz you write
Once everybody’s
I mean those that have hung in with you
Through the whole content personal that
Means you’re a great content
Right right that’s right so they get to
The end the well done you got
You wrote something fabulous but yet
Take advantage of that money get him to
Sign up right there
As for the sale so to speak you don’t
Want them to be have to scroll back up
To the top right now and you know that
Because they may not find it it’s got
It’s going to appear in context up where
They are that’s why said the About page
Now another put spot has become I really
Popular to an right now gonna get
Noticed in doesn’t have this but I’m
About to switch to this %uh my own site
And by the way my site is the lab for
Everything we do with the get noticed
Them for women really appreciate that
Well yeah
Because I try to figure it out you know
Split test stuff we’ll get to that in a
But but i wanna make sure that when I’m
Delivery to my audience away I’m giving
You in terms of advice
His stuff that I’ve tested and actually
Works so
Another really popular option that
People are using is what’s called the
Box which is at the very top in the
Header you seen at work a half
And so they have like the first name
Field and the email address and by the
Way that C
Those are the only two fields that most
People need you don’t need more than
That and if you had more than that all
It will decrease your response because
He hadn’t put that the the feature back
To the top
That we people can’t mix miss it I’m
Gonna test that soon
And if it works for input into the theme
And they’ll come back we’ll have another
Discussion about that later you come
Back let us know what happened
And I have II will and I’ve got one more
Than I wanted up so the most
Controversial for last
Really be ready yes I’m ready okay it is
The dreaded
Often hated maligned I sometimes
The pop-up oh no oh no how I not have
This gets a lot of grief and
The truth is they work
So in email subscription button that a
Pop-up yeah and I will be warm
Yeah form yep at the pop up and it works
Then you can go to my
Website now Michael had a common C-one
I think it’s a pretty elegant 1 but
First of all the pop ups had become
Very sophisticated when I when I install
This we tested
It doubled my number weekly sex really
And timing I’m sorry I’ll buy you
Anything as as they have even places
I’m I got exactly 0 really
None now that is an account for people
That guide our way they left
But here’s a cool thing about that
Double the subscription and doesn’t
Subscriptions it’s worth it to me
I mean ultimately that’s what I’m after
And you know
This is your business prices are like
They heard this is your business and so
The goal in business
Is to stay in business for another sound
So obvious but we
You know sometimes you start feeling
Guilty about that but I mean really
So many businesses don’t work and our
Goal is the same this so. He find
Something that works
You know you always have to mitigate it
With your audience and take care of your
Audience is so critical
But it’s okay yeah this is such an
Important point you make it because
Our goal in business is not to satisfy
The people that are on the fringes
They’re probably not going to get the
Game anyway hmm our goal is to take the
That we were really conserve with real
Solutions and real answers and be highly
Focused on those people
And I know that when I have the money
Email subscribe to our subscription list
I can serve them added deeper more
More transformational level and if we
Really believe in term assets yes
If we really believe in what we’re of
Rain which none other should be doing
What we’re doing if we don’t really
Believe in it okay
But if we really believe in it then we
Should want to get into as many hands
Total and so sometimes not to talk
Ourselves offer that guilt and get out
Of that so and remember that what we’re
About is where the import absolutely
Valuable and it’s okay to me taking the
Time to create a few let’s get it out
There get a strip mall right
I can say what I think opponents are
Turning right you but I’m
That thing about the the pop ups today
Is like mine put a cookie
On the web site other per person doing
So that they can salata that they don’t
See it
They will sit for another thirty days
It’s not like it’s gonna keep popping up
Over and over again max and %uh the
Service that I use called opt in Munster
Other thing I like about this is it uses
A technology gives little geeky called
I exit I’ll what they call that it’s
Like exeter nation like it
It it sees when you’re trying about to
Exit the page can’t let you go to menu
To exit
And then yet displays the public that
Are the worst thing you can do please do
Not do this if you follow my advice on
Do not let that thing fire too quickly
Like you’ve never been to website I was
At one just died two days ago
Where the page loaded in jam if I looked
It was in my face
That’s like asking somebody else out on
A date you know somebody in for the
First date
You walk up to the door open the door
And give them a big kiss
It’s like it’s too soon to say I you
Don’t get to know me a little bit first
Okay that so fabulous analogy but a
Sober I love you if you show up on
Michael says site he’s not gonna kiss
Use to say that’s right humidity issue
He’s going to be a number less intrusive
I guess I’m not quite sure many do pop
Ups but I think this is fascinating and
I love how
Its it’s a pop-up it’s not an intrusive
At just giving them easy access our goal
Is to make it as easy as possible for
People to get what they need that’s
Images to click if they wanna excitement
There is no other alternatives to that
You know that are kinda pop ups but less
Intrusive but
I’d dare you Michelle hmm no
To try this bono because
Yeah I don’t help you you need more
Email subscribers I was told I remember
You have right now
But it doesn’t matter any more than what
You got more than my mother and my
Father I

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