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Video Transcript - Part 2

But that above and beyond anything else
Is what will generate a large platform
You know and there’s a lot of
A house they say this gently a lot of
Not great content out there so if we
Spend the time to create good content
And that’s what we’re aiming for
It really can set us apart from so many
Other they really can and it has to be
You know it’s not like you can create
Good content and then walk away from it
And hope that good content will will
Last for a long time because
The internets really like a river in a
Sense you know the content just coming
By every day
And if you’re not continually making
Deposits into that river
You’ll soon be forgotten so you gotta
Great content you got to do it on a
Consistent basis if you want to get the
And the reach that you need to build
Platforms to some days
You know I feel I spend a lot of time
Writing are creating that concept I feel
Really guilty at times cuz I’m
I’m not real savvy at all and the other
Have marketing or are selling or giving
That word out there
But you’re saying in a sense that if I’m
Spending quality time building a content
Thats not the in the world that actually
Did not successfully done other some
Things you do not talk about those in
This episode but
I getting that great content is the
First and most important
Component and even if you don’t like
Selling if you don’t like marketing
And I know who said it I should know but
Somebody said content is the new
And it’s really true having frequent
Content adding value to people
Beating people’s needs answering their
Questions that’s what’s going to get you
An audience
And and everything else is secondary now
There’s nothing more frustrating then
Well it’s a i sat down to write a blog
And there are times for salt that I
Spend probably way too much time
Writing a single blog post cuz you know
That i won’t. Right I wanted to be
Perfect and I can
I can I disc and spend a tan time doing
That measure perfectionism
Yeah it is signed for a larger relating
But Ikea
Like ever I Kelly calling you out on a
I but also to let I’m writing a blog
Posts and then I’ll post it and there’s
Nothing more frustrating than to spend
That much time on what you believe is
Good content as you’re getting paid to
Read it where
Or they worry that they don’t
Necessarily share it or or trying to get
The word out there so
What would be the next most important
Thing for pop from Delhi once you have
Good content
Where then should I spent my next a
My next amount of time energy well thank
You to understand with the strategic
Objective is
Up all this platform built in I don’t
Understand this for years it’s painfully
Obvious when I say it here in a second
I got really distracted by a thousand
Different things you know I thought well
Maybe building my Twitter following was
The most important or my Facebook
Presence was the most important
Or creating content to generate a lot of
Engagement in terms of comments
You know that was the most important but
That’s not really the most important
The most important thing you can do is a
Platform building that really
Brings us down to this: second strategy
Is to use a dedicated list subscription
System so that your building email list
You’ve got to build
Email West and when I left Thomas Nelson
To go pro so to speak to do this
I woke up one morning I
Suddenly aware because I heard this
Thing about you know the old the
The money is in the list and that’s
Where you gonna generator monetize
In be able to support yourself
Financially and so I realized that I had
Two thousand
771 subscribers this was just three
Years ago
And I went what was I thinking because
For the last seven years
I’ve been blogging like crazy
And I’ve had no emphasis on my
Subscriber list you know I had the
The thing that most bloggers have which
Is you know get updates
And they put the little you know to fill
In the form box
But as it turns out that’s not that
Compelling you know people are not
Looking for
Updates what they’re looking for
Solutions to their problems answers to
Their questions are looking for real
And so I I had to come to terms with the
Fact that if I was gonna turn this
Into something that was more than a
There was really something that could
Sustain me and sustain my family
That I was gonna have to get really
Really serious about my
Email list it so that brings us back to
The second strategy is a dedicated
Listener description system in
And here’s what I mean by that you
Really need something like MailChimp
Or a Weber if you’re listening to this
In your eyes are beginning to glaze over
Stop this I’m not a game or technical
Miss you can find out about it
Both those services will help you manage
An email list and the walk you through
The process
Step-by-step click by click and it’s
Really easier than you think what you
You probably never think about it again

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