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About Affilorama

Affilorama is a training centre and online community for aspiring affiliate marketers. We offer four different affiliate marketing training programs:

Free Lessons

Our free lessons are available to anyone and provide a comprehensive guide to all aspects of affiliate marketing, enabling those on even the tiniest of budgets to get up and running. Over 85 video tutorials (with accompanying PDF notes) cover how to build your own website, promote it using SEO and monetize with affiliate marketing and PPC. Those wishing to take their affiliate marketing to the next level will also enjoy watching our exclusive interviews with internet gurus like Mark Joyner and Ewen Chia.


If you are the type of person who learns best when you can follow a precise, step-by-step formula, then Affiloblueprint is for you. Affiloblueprint is a 12-week course using extraordinarily detailed videos to show you exactly what you need to complete each week for your homework.


Affilojetpack fast-forwards your path to affiliate marketing success by giving you a copy-and-paste system for quickly building affiliate websites. We’ve created 11 Jetpacks in sizzling hot niches especially chosen for their profitability, and you get to choose 5 of these when you join. Each Jetpack contains: An easy website building system with our WordPress theme, 20 articles for your website, a year’s worth of high quality newsletters, three free reports, 1 click hosting, professionally designed header graphics and traffic strategies training.


Affilorama Premium is a monthly subscription-based resource. Every month you receive an e-magazine covering a different affiliate marketing topic in immense detail. For example, in the first issue we cover how to make money with blogging and provide you with a complete guide to setting up and marketing a blog. You also get access to our ever-growing toolkit of incredible software tools designed by the Affilorama team.

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  • Lessons & videos
    • Want to make money online as an affiliate? Not too sure where to start? Affilorama has free video lessons on all aspects of affiliate marketing, complete with comprehensive written notes.
  • Forums
    • Ask questions, get help with your website, or just shoot the breeze with other like-minded people. The forum is a great place to get tips from other affiliates and Affilorama staff.
  • Affiliate tools
    • Speed up your market research, check your backlinks, find out the quality score of your PPC landing page… and more! We’ve got a whole section full of affiliate tools to help speed you on your path to success.
  • Guruviews
    • Our intrepid founder, Mark Ling, travels the world interviewing some of the biggest names in the affiliate marketing industry. Get an insight into the minds of some of the most successful players in the market!
  • It’s free!
    • There are lots of websites out there that promise you the “ultimate formula” that will guarantee you success… for a price. We’re not into that. All the lessons in Affilorama are free. You need to register to see them, but that’s free too.

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